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Hassle-Free Lab Building

We'll help you find, evaluate, and attract postdocs to your lab.

Recruiting Postdocs Is a Pain

You know that recruiting the best postdocs is important to the success of your lab, but a host of challenges exist: it's difficult, time consuming, and often frustrating:

If you're a

Experienced, Well-Known PI

You're often swamped with inquiries and CVs. and have to spend hours weeding through them to figure out who's relevant and who's not.

If you're a

New PI Just Starting Out

You struggle to fine any postdocs. Without a big name or steady funding, it can take a lot of time and effort to recruit.

We Make It Easier

Our recruiting servicing are unlike anyone else's in the industry:


We focus solely on research intensive positions in the hard sciences, such as postdocs.


We use novel, data-driven processes to identify and present only the best candidates.


All candidates have their scientific work pre-screened by at least 3 Ph.D. experts in their field.


We specifically evaluate depth of knowledge, experimental skills, communication, & personality.

The 5 Things You Must Have To Recruit Postdocs
(Especially if You're Just Starting Out)

If you're a young professor just starting out, it's often difficult to find postdocs who are interested in your lab. To be effective in recruiting, you need a few key things:

What You Need

How SciBase Helps

#1: Visibility
If people don't know you're looking, they're much less likely to apply.
Promotion on social media, job boards, university groups, & more.
#2: Reputation
Talented postdocs want to work with groups that have a reputation for high-quality research and publications.
Promotion of your group's high-quality publications and SciBase reviews. (Find out more.)
#3: Excitment
Students need to understand and get excited by the work your group is doing.
Highlight your group's work with videos, FAQs, and members using Group Profiles (Find out more.)
#4: Funding
A graduate student can easily cost $250K over a five year period.
Possibility of 5-year fellowships to groups who are highly-rated on SciBase.
#5: Career Guidance
Students will want to join groups where they can be mentored in preparation for academia or industry.
Established relationships within industry - we can help make sure your students get jobs after leaving your lab.

The Secret Is In Our Process

The secret to our process lies in our crowdsourced scientific review platform. Think of our platform like Yelp or Amazon Reviews, but for academic papers: scientists can come to the site and leave a review of any paper on any topic, including rating the paper across a number of key dimensions like reproducibility. Other scientists can then read those reviews and rate their quality.

While there are many reasons why we created this platform, we believe one of the biggest benefits is that it can help PIs find and evaluate researchers based upon their work as scientists.

Here's How It Works

User Profile
Step #1


As we source candidates, we ask them to complete a profile on our platform, which includes a complete list of all their publications.

Step #2


We also ask the candidate to review three papers that they themselves have tried to reproduce as a part of their research.


Rate a Review
Step #3


Other scientists in turn provide reviews on the candidate's academic publications, as well as to rate the quality of the reviews that the candidate provided.

Step #4


Through a proprietary process, we utilize this data to identify scientists who are qualified to join your lab, and provide you with the top matches.

User Profile Analysis

This process helps ensure
that all candidates we provide you will be:


Candidates have demonstrated a willingness to put in the effort necessary to highlight their work.


The candidate's scientific work has been evaluated by other PhD's in their respective fields*.

*Of course you and your existing postdocs can do a deeper dive after you've narrowed down the list of candidates, but we can provide a comprehensive first screening.


New content provide evidence of the candidate's scientific and communication sklls.


The candidate has demonstrated a willingness to submit their work to examination by their peers.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

(All Fees Only Paid Upon Succesful Placement)

  • Academic Pricing
  • $595
  • What You Get:
  • Multi-Channel Candidate Sourcing
  • In-Depth Publication Review by PhDs in the field
  • Personality Assessment
  • Detailed Reference Checks w/ PQ(tm) Score

Most recruiters can only provide you with a resume that fits the job description.

We'll provide you with a person that fits the job.

How Much Is Recruiting Already Costing You?
(Probably more than you think.)

If you're a young PI just establishing a lab, you should be spending 85% of your time on two things:

  1. Writing grants while your students conduct experiments
  2. If you don't yet have students, conducting experiments yourself so you can get grants.

Anything else is a low-leverage use of your time.

Every minute you spend trying to scrounge up students or filter through CVs is a minute you could be spending upon grant-writing or research.

Of course you'll still do the final assessment on all potential candidates, but let us help with the upfront leg work so you can spend your time on what only you can do.

We'll save you hassle so you can spend your time on what you should:
grant writing and research.

Get Started Now

  • Academic Pricing
  • $595
  • What You Get:
  • Multi-Channel Candidate Sourcing
  • In-Depth Publication Review by PhDs in the field
  • Personality Assessment
  • Detailed Reference Checks w/ PQ(tm) Score

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