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Macrophages provide a transient muscle stem cell niche via NAMPT secretion

01 Mar 2021

Promising Discovery in Satellite Cell Research


Researchers discovered a protein which triggers satellite cells to proliferate and heal. In fish with severe muscle damage, injection of NAMPT led to the regeneration of muscle and the return of normal movement. This study demonstrates that NAMPT,...


3D Printed “Earable” Smart Devices for Real-Time Detection of Core Body Temperature

26 Feb 2021

Review of 3D Printed “Earable” Smart Devices


This paper describes a novel way to measure core body temperature using a three-dimensional (3D) printed wearable “earable” smart device. The device is designed to be worn on the ear and track core body temperature from the tympanic membrane (i.e.,...



26 Feb 2021

Review of framework for improving knee rehabilitation


A framework for improving knee rehabilitation and reducing ACL injury incidence and reinjury rates post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction has been described. The framework encourages a global approach, whereby ‘proximal’ is not confined to...


The therapeutic potential of carbon monoxide

25 Feb 2021

A "go-to" review on the therapeutic uses of carbon monoxide

This classic review outlines several therapeutic uses of carbon monoxide (CO). The overall language of the report is very easy to understand and read while presenting in-depth descriptions and examples when needed. This review touches on the primary pathways...


Regulation of drug transporters

18 Feb 2021

Drug Transporters

Regulatory review on status of FDA understanding of drug transporters. Suggest policies and guidance to direct the industry to advance drug development


Pharmacokinetics of propranolol.

18 Feb 2021

PK of a non-selective beta blocker

Great paper highlighting the PK of propranolol. Went into ADME properties and expanding indications


Paractamol or Aspirin?

18 Feb 2021

1st Review

Response letter from reader suggesting their is now clinical evidence for salicylates casuing GI mucosa erosion and eventual bleeding.


A network analysis of the propagation of evidence regarding the effectiveness of fat-controlled diets in the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD): Selective citation in reviews

14 Feb 2021

Excellent Exposition of Citation Bias

The concept of citation network analysis is not new, but it is important. In this manuscript, Dr. Leng uses Web of Science to analyze a subfield of papers about radomized controlled trials (RCTs) of coronay heart disease between 1965-1984. While this topic...


Exploring factors that influence the practice of Open Science by early career health researchers: a mixed methods study

04 Feb 2021

A Useful Survey of Early Career Researchers

Toomey and colleagues report the results of a survey of 14 early career researchers (ECRs) about "open science". On a whole, these ECRs view open science positively, but hold reservations about the impact adopting open science practices might have on their...


Accelerating scientific publication in biology

03 Feb 2021

An important analysis of today's publication trends

A detailed observational study of the trends in biological sciences publishing, including analysis of time-to-publication, time-to-graduation, and the increasing minimum publication unit. The paper is interwoven with thoughtful analysis and perspective from...


Site-directed ligand discovery

31 Jan 2021

Important contribution to fragment hit-finding technologies

This paper by Erlanson and colleagues describes the disulfide tethering technique, which has proven to be a reproducible and versatile method for finding fragment hits. The main advance is the covalent targeting of the fragment library to a specific site on a...


Chemistry and physics of molecules and grains in space

29 Jan 2021

Loved the Thought



Mechanistic Studies of Cu(II) Binding to Amyloid-β Peptides and the Fluorescence and Redox Behaviors of the Resulting Complexes

02 Dec 2020

Fundamentally Sound

This paper was very helpful in my thesis research.  I had some difficulties reproducing the cyclic voltammetry results in the beginning, which I later attributed to the surface of my electrode.  Once I changed my polishing technique, I was able to reproduce...


Sensitization-Initiated Electron Transfer for Photoredox Catalysis

07 Nov 2020

Review by a Non-Photoredox Organometallic Chemist

I followed this paper based on a need to synthesize their reported 7a as a substrate for a synthesis. I thought this method would be better than the previous Zinc-mediated cross-coupling approach. We found that the published procedure worked very well...


Design of a highly efficient catalyst for the oxaziridinium-mediated epoxidation of olefins by Oxone®

07 Nov 2020

Synthesis works, but yields can be difficult to achieve.

As th electronegativity of the R-groups on the catalyst increases, yields tended to drop below reported values. While annoying, the purity of the finale compound was excellent. 

On a more positive note, the route proposed in this publication can be easily...


DFT Studies of Dimerization Reactions of Boroles

27 Oct 2018

Comprehensive Study