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Design of a highly efficient catalyst for the oxaziridinium-mediated epoxidation of olefins by Oxone®

07 Nov 2020

Synthesis works, but yields can be difficult to achieve.

As th electronegativity of the R-groups on the catalyst increases, yields tended to drop below reported values. While annoying, the purity of the finale compound was excellent. 

On a more positive note, the route proposed in this publication can be easily...


DFT Studies of Dimerization Reactions of Boroles

27 Oct 2018

Comprehensive Study


Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography−Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Fast and Robust Quantification of Anionic and Aromatic Metabolites

15 Nov 2017

LC-MS method for core metabolites; readily implemented.

A method for LCMS analysis and quantification of core metabolites (e.g. NADH/NAD, glycolysis, citrate cycle, etc.) was presented by the authors. I established their method on our own device, which worked well and only required the device-specific typical...


No Title

11 Nov 2017

Azo dyes synthesis and metal complex


No Title

Effect of isocyanate content on thermal and mechanical properties of polyurea

04 May 2017

Influence of morphology on the mechanical properties of PU

The experimental section was adequately detailed in procedure and results describing necessary DMA and MDSC data were given.  No substantial differences were recorded while reproducing similar results.


Dynamic Properties of Polyurea

04 May 2017

Strain rate/ impact loading dependency of polyurea

This communication was outstanding in providing a comprehensive study of polyurea properties for: 

1) Development of constitutive model for polyurea at high strain rate loading conditions

2) Study of polyurea behavior from a quasi-static to ultra high...


A commercially available fluorescence chemosensor for copper ion and its application in bioimaging

30 Mar 2017

Cu(II) exclusively detectable. Cu(I) can't be stabilized.


This paper reports the chemosensing properties of a commercially available fluorescent probe, 1,8-diamino naphthalene for copper ion detection in the aqueous medium and its application in bioimaging. The proposed mechanism involves fluorescence...


A convenient one-pot synthesis of 2-substituted benzimidazoles

23 Mar 2017

Good Synthesis procedure


An efficient and green method for synthesis of 2 substituted benzimidazoles has been described. Despite previous methods being available in literature for synthesis of such compounds, the ease of operation, use of common and non-toxic solvent and...


Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzimidazoles via Cascade Reactions ofo-Haloacetanilide Derivatives with Amidine Hydrochlorides

22 Mar 2017

Slight adjustments will give more yields


This paper reports an efficient method for synthesising benzimidazoles through cascade reactions of o-haloacetoanilide derivatives with amidine hydrochlorides. 10 mol % CuBr was used as the catalyst and Cs2CO3 as the base. The reactions were...