Exploring factors that influence the practice of Open Science by early career health researchers: a mixed methods study

A Useful Survey of Early Career Researchers

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Toomey and colleagues report the results of a survey of 14 early career researchers (ECRs) about "open science". On a whole, these ECRs view open science positively, but hold reservations about the impact adopting open science practices might have on their careers. This reservation reflects observations that have been made before, such as at the European University Associate Open Access surveys (which the authors cite: https://eua.eu/downloads/publications/2017-2018%20open%20access%20survey%20results.pdf)

One particularly notable observation: "Ironically, as a team of ECRs, challenges we encountered with making data from this study available mirror that of the study findings. Given the size and unique nature of our sample, de-identification of qualitative study transcripts was not deemed possible."

In the my view, this survey represents the progress that has been made to socialize the principles of open science. ECRs reporting a study of ECRs to raise awareness of the challenges they face. However even as it takes this important step, the work re-discovers and re-centers a problem that has no solution (yet):  the same young researchers who have the most energy for system change are the researchers who risk the most when adopting or advocating open science practices.

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