• 10.1021/jo00975a027
  • The Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • Volume 37
  • May 1972
  • pp 1583-1587

Structural and conformational studies of 2-phenyl-1,3,2-diaza- and -dioxaboracycloalkanes

Experimental Details


t-Bu amine (50 mmol) and methyl acrylate (50 mmol) were dissolved in MeOH (10 mL) and stirred overnight under nitrogen.  The secondary amine was isolated by Kugelrohr distillation after the MeOH had been removed by rotary evaporation.  The purified material was dissolved in Et2O (20 mL) and added over 1 hour to a suspension of LAH (7 g) in Et2O (300 mL).  The mixture was stirred at rt overnight.  The reaction was quenched by the addition of a Rochelle's salt solution.  The mixture was filtered through celite followed by an Et2O cake rinse.  The phases were separated, and the organic phase was dried over MgSO4, filtered, and concentrated.  The amino alcohol was isolated by Kugelrohr distillation.

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