• 10.1021/jp802038p
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
  • Volume 112
  • June 2008
  • pp 8406-8411

Mechanistic Studies of Cu(II) Binding to Amyloid-β Peptides and the Fluorescence and Redox Behaviors of the Resulting Complexes

Fundamentally Sound

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Analytical Chemistry
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Primary Research

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Very clear
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Supported by evidence presented


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Able to reproduce most
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1 to 3
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No improvements made


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Not sure
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Yes, and it was useful


Overall Clarity
Very good


Not Sure


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Clearly disclosed
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Not aware of any


This paper was very helpful in my thesis research.  I had some difficulties reproducing the cyclic voltammetry results in the beginning, which I later attributed to the surface of my electrode.  Once I changed my polishing technique, I was able to reproduce as described and then transfer those methods to an AB-Fe system to investigate the presence of a Fenton-like reaction as shown below.

I found the detailed incorporation of equations for the determination of quantum yield (1) and a dissociation constant (2-4) via fluoresence spectroscopy particularly useful in my thesis work

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