• 10.1038/nrd3228
  • Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
  • Volume 9
  • September 2010
  • pp 728-743

The therapeutic potential of carbon monoxide

A "go-to" review on the therapeutic uses of carbon monoxide

Topic Area
Biology / biological chemistry
Article Type

Logic / Design

Point of Paper
Very clear
Main Conclusions
Supported by evidence presented


Overall Clarity
Exceptionally clear & well-written


Safety Concerns
None or clearly mentioned

Review Papers - Overall

Touches upon all major contributions to the topic
Mostly fair & unbiased
May or may not help the reader understand the topic


This classic review outlines several therapeutic uses of carbon monoxide (CO). The overall language of the report is very easy to understand and read while presenting in-depth descriptions and examples when needed. This review touches on the primary pathways for endogenous production of carbon monoxide in mamals. It highlights the known biological roles of CO and describes some of the reported therapeutic implications. The review also focuses on various CO-donating systems and how they have been employed in the literature. Most importantly, this review clearly describes possible cellular targets of carbon monoxide and, in my opinion, highlights most of the known key cellular targets. Overall, this is a very good review to start learning about the physiological roles and potential therapeutic applications of carbon monoxide. I also have found most of its references to be high quality and provide ample support for the ideas and conclusions. 


Follow up study?

Hi Miguel, nice review. Are you familiar with any more recent reviews that have been written on the topic of CO as a therapuetic? Or is this one still pretty much up-to-date 10 years later?

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