Synthesis of poly(m-aniline) Table 1, Run 1


Under nitrogen, 1,3-dichlorobenzene (1 mmol) and 1,3-diaminobenzene were dissolved in toluene (15 mL). Sodium-tert-butoxide (NaO-t-Bu) (3 mmol), Ni(cod)2 (0.1 mmol), and DPPF (0.3mmol) were added to the solution at room temperature. The reaction mixture was stirred at 60°C for 24 hours under nitrogen. After cooling to room temperature, the reaction mixture was poured into a mixture of aqueous ammonia and methanol (200 mL, 1/4, v/v) and the precipitate was separated by filtration. The precipitate was washed thoroughly with methanol and ether, and reprecipitation from dimethylformamide (DMF)/ethyl acetate gave a brown powder of product. (0.065 g, yield=71%, Mn=18.9k, Mw=21.1k, PDI=1.12) 1H-NMR (300MHz, DMSO-d6): δ=6.544 (s, 2H), 6.829 (s, 1H), 7.102 (s, 1H), 7.914-8.036 (br, 1H).

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