Seminal paper for phase-transfer Heck-Mizoroki cross coupling


A pinacle reaction of the synthesis required the cross coupling off a two highly heteroatom functionalised fragments, the use of traditional Heck conditions, such as palladium (II) acetate, triphenyl phosphine and triethylamine afforded poor yields and irreproducibility. Upon reviewing numerous, well reported, conditions, it was found that the Jeffery conditions afforded the desired product in a reasonable and reproducible yield of 60%. 

The discussion of the paper was very clear and informative as it shows a logical approach to screening the catalyst, solvent, base and phase transfer catalyst. The language of the paper allows chemists without a background in inorganic chemist to understand the catalytic cycle. Furthermore, the addition of a description/explanation of a possible mechanism for the observed outcomes, ensures the reader flexibility to deviate, from the general experimental, and tailor the reaction to their needs. 

The experimental of this paper can be found in the footnotes; it was found to be concise and straightforward. 

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