Reproducible Reaction



Synthesis of various silacycles has been reported. 

The Reaction of Interest:

Synthesis of t-BuSiHCl2 (18.5%, 50 mmol) via reaction of HSiCl3 (2 equiv) with t-BuLi.

Practical Observations:

  •  The reaction is reproducible, however 2 equiv of HSiCl3 is not required.


  • tert-Butyldichlorosilane. To a 250 mL round bottom flask equipped with stirring bar, argon inlet, and septum, HSiCl3 (50 mmol) and pentane (50 mL) were added. The mixture was cooled down to -78oC and then tBuLi (1.7M in pentane, 50 mmol) was added dropwise at this temperature during 2 h (syringe pump). The mixture stirred 30 min at RT and then the precipitate was quickly filtered through ceramic filter (with layer of celite). The pentane was carefully evaporated in vacuo (~100 torr, rt). Then, the product was distilled out from the residue under ~ 20-30 torr vacuum, at rt to 40oC into a cold receiver flask (- 78 oC). The product was isolated in 20-30% yield as colorless oil. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3): δ ppm 5.26 (s, 1H), 1.09 (s. 9H).
  • The glassware after the reaction can be conveniently washed in the KOH/i-PrOH/H2O solution.

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