• 10.1021/jo00003a033
  • The Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • Volume 56
  • February 1991
  • pp 1083-1088

Few Experimental Modifications Implemented to Improve Yield


Synthesized (3) and a compound similar to (4) but with protection on -OH groups. 

For (3): Dissolving CBr4 in dichloromethane instead of pyridine gave a better yield as it involved using only one solvent throughout the reaction. 

For (4): The formation of alkyne group was achieved by using a much milder reagent (EtMgBr in THF) instead of n-BuLi- which needs harsh conditions such as -78 degree celsius. Also (4) is volatile in nature hence the -OH groups were protected with TBDMS and then conversion of dibromo olefin to alkyne was carried out.

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