• 10.1021/ja401426s
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Volume 135
  • September 2013
  • pp 13365-13370

pH-Dependent Si-Fluorescein Hypochlorous Acid Fluorescent Probe: Spirocycle Ring-Opening and Excess Hypochlorous Acid-Induced Chlorination

Novel and less expensive Hypo-SiF synthesis


  • Hypo-SiF is uniquely new in finding the high concentration of HOCl
  • Hypo-SiF is reported to be good in finding the HOCl concentration and pH of the media simultaneously at lower concentrtion
  • To obtain clear results, Hypo-SiF needs to be improved and thorough analysis of end products (SiF-SOOOH, compound 8, chlorinated derivatives of SiF-SOOOH, and compound 8) is required
  • Although Hypo-SiF is not a novel compound, but its synthesis is novel and is less expensive
  • Yield can be improved in step-1 by optimizing the conditions
  • To obtain compound 7, intermediates were protected twice with TBDMS group, which can be avoided by finding a suitable oxidizing reagent
  • Above all the SiF fluorophore can be explored in several fluorescence applications because of its absorption and emission in long wavelength region in comparision to fluorescein

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