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Palladium-Catalyzed Silastannation of Secondary Propargylic Alcohols and their Derivatives

Thomas E. Nielsen, Sebastian Le Quement, David Tanner*
Synthesis | 2004 | 10.1055/s-2004-822380

Tanner et al. reported the silastannation reaction of several secondary terminal propargylic alcohols (protected and unprotected) with Pd2(dba)3•CHCl3/ Ph3P (1-2 equivalents of per Pd). Excellent regio and stereoselectivity (cis addition with tin always...


Mo(CO) 3 (CN- t- Bu) 3 (MoBI 3 ), a New Efficient Catalyst for Regioselective Hydrostannations

Dagmar Schauss, Matthias Pohlman, Uli Kazmaier
Organic Letters | 1999 | 10.1021/ol990794q

Mo(CO) 3 (NC-t-Bu) 3 was found to be a suitable catalyst for the regioselective hydrostannation of several types of alkynes, giving preferentially rise to the α-stannylated products. These products are not available under radical reaction conditions or by...

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