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Nickel-Catalyzed Isomerization of 2-Methyl-3-butenenitrile†

Jos Wilting, Christian Müller, Alison C. Hewat, Dianne D. Ellis, Duncan M. Tooke, Anthony L. Spek, Dieter Vogt
Organometallics | 2005 | 10.1021/om049206p

The isomerization of the branched 2M3BN to the linear 3PN by a DPEphosNi species has been investigated by means of variable-temperature NMR spectroscopy, and activation parameters have been determined. An intermediate in this reaction, which is formed via C−C...


Catalytic Isomerization of Cyanoolefins Involved in the Adiponitrile Process. C−CN Bond Cleavage and Structure of the Nickel π-Allyl Cyanide Complex Ni(η3-1-Me-C3H4)(CN)(dppb)

Alexandra Chaumonnot, Franck Lamy, Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, Bruno Donnadieu, Bruno Chaudret, Jean-Claude Barthelat, Jean-Christophe Galland
Organometallics | 2004 | 10.1021/om049706i

Isomerization of 2-methyl-3-butenenitrile to 3-pentenenitrile is catalyzed by nickel π-allyl cyanide complexes. The C−CN bond breaking is a key step in the catalytic mechanism, as evidenced by in situ NMR monitoring and DFT studies.

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