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A Novel Cycloisomerization of Tetraenones:  4+3 Trapping of the Nazarov Oxyallyl Intermediate

Yong Wang, Atta M. Arif, F. G. West
Journal of American Chemical Society | 1999 | 10.1021/ja9837001



Teaching Reform of General Chemistry in Independent College

Advanced Materials Research | 2012 | 10.4028/



Continuous Flow Coupling and Decarboxylation Reactions Promoted by Copper Tubing

Sejal Patel, Timothy F. Jamison, Nello Mainolfi, Yun Zhang
Org. Lett. | 2010 | 10.1021/ol1026848

A convenient and efficient flow method for Ullmann condensations, Sonogashira couplings, and decarboxylation reactions using a commercially available copper tube flow reactor (CTFR) is described. The heated CTFR effects these transformations without added...


Intermolecular Hydroamination of Allenes with N-Unsubstituted Carbamates Catalyzed by a Gold(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complex

Robert E. Kinder, Zhibin Zhang, Ross A. Widenhoefer
Org. Lett. | 2008 | 10.1021/ol8010858

Reaction of 2,3-pentadienyl benzoate with benzyl carbamate catalyzed by a 1:1 mixture of (NHC)AuCl and AgOTf in dioxane at 23 °C for 5 h led to isolation of (E)-4-(benzyloxycarbonylamino)-2-pentenyl benzoate in 84% yield as a single regio- and diastereomer....


Preparation of Potassium Alkoxymethyltrifluoroborates and Their Cross-Coupling with Aryl Chlorides

Gary A. Molander, Belgin Canturk
Org. Lett. | 2008 | 10.1021/ol800532p

A wide variety of alkoxymethyltrifluoroborate substrates were prepared via S N 2 displacement of potassium bromomethyltrifluoroborate with various alkoxides in excellent yields. These alkoxymethyltrifluoroborates were effectively cross-coupled with several...


Tin-Free Enantioselective Radical Reactions Using Silanes

Yong-Hua Yang, Mukund P. Sibi, Sunggi Lee
Org. Lett. | 2008 | 10.1021/ol802154d

Readily available hexyl silane is an excellent choice as a H-atom donor and a chain carrier in Lewis acid mediated enantioselective radical reactions. Conjugate radical additions to α,β-unsaturated imides at room temperature proceed in good yields and...


Highly Efficient Coupling of β-Substituted Aminoethane Sulfonyl Azides with Thio Acids, toward a New Chemical Ligation Reaction

Rob M. J. Liskamp, Remco Merkx, Arwin J. Brouwer, Dirk T. S. Rijkers
Org. Lett. | 2005 | 10.1021/ol0501119

A highly efficient coupling of protected β-substituted aminoethane sulfonyl azides with thio acids is reported. In the case of peptide thio acids, this method encompasses a new chemoselective ligation method. Furthermore, the resulting α-amino acyl...


Sequential Rh(I)/Pd-Catalyzed 1,4-Addition/Intramolecular Allylation:  Stereocontrolled Construction of γ-Butyrolactones and Cyclopropanes

Lauren G. Mercier, Sébastien Carret, Eric Fillion, Vincent É. Trépanier
Org. Lett. | 2008 | 10.1021/ol702613f

The rhodium-catalyzed conjugate addition of functionalized vinyltin reagents to alkylidene Meldrum's acids, followed by Pd-catalyzed intramolecular allylation, is a direct entry into vinyl-substituted γ-lactones via O-alkylation and vinylcyclopropanes via...


Engaging Zwitterions in Carbon−Carbon and Carbon−Nitrogen Bond-Forming Reactions:  A Promising Synthetic Strategy

A. R. Sreekanth, N. Abhilash, Rajeev S. Menon, A. T. Biju, Vijay Nair
Acc. Chem. Res. | 2006 | 10.1021/ar0502026

An Account of carbon−carbon and carbon−nitrogen bond-forming reactions mediated by zwitterions generated by the addition of organic nucleophiles to activated unsaturated systems highlighting their synthetic potential is presented.


The Whole Story of the Two-Electron Bond, with the δ Bond as a Paradigm

Daniel G. Nocera, F. Albert Cotton
Acc. Chem. Res. | 2000 | 10.1021/ar980116o

It is shown that the δ bond, as found particularly in the Re 2 6+ and Mo 2 4+ cores of hundreds of compounds, provides a paradigm for the behavior of two-electron bonds of all types. By control of the angle of twist around the M−M axis, the strength of...


The Quantum World of Cold Electron Collisions

David Field, Stuart L. Lunt, Jean-Pierre Ziesel
Acc. Chem. Res. | 2001 | 10.1021/ar0000962

Collisions between electrons and molecules at thermal energy play a key role in the chemistry and physics of plasmas, ranging from those in space to the chemically active plasmas used for thin film and microcircuit fabrication. However, until recently, data...


Studies in ionic polymerisation




Local Electronic Structure of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from Electrostatic Force Microscopy

Marc Bockrath, Jinseong Heo
Nano Lett. | 2005 | 10.1021/nl0501765

An atomic force microscope was used to locally perturb and detect the charge density in carbon nanotubes. Changing the tip voltage varied the Fermi level in the nanotube. The local charge density increased abruptly whenever the Fermi level was swept through a...


Substitutional Si Doping in Deformed Carbon Nanotubes

A. Fazzio, R. Mota, Antônio J. R. Da Silva, S. B. Fagan
Nano Letters | 2004 | 10.1021/nl049805l

A suggestion for substitutional Si doping in single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) through radial tube deformation is presented. Although the doping of buckyballs with substitutional Si atoms has been experimentally achieved, so far the synthesis of...


Dehydrogenative Oxidation of Primary and Secondary Alcohols Catalyzed by a Cp*Ir Complex Having a Functional C,N-Chelate Ligand

Ken-ichi Fujita, Tetsuya Yoshida, Ryohei Yamaguchi, Yoichiro Imori
Org. Lett. | 2011 | 10.1021/ol2005424

A new catalytic system for the dehydrogenative oxidation of alcohols using a Cp*Ir complex having a functional C,N-chelate ligand has been developed. With this catalytic system, both primary and secondary alcohols were efficiently converted to aldehydes and...


A Simple, Nontoxic Iron System for the Allylation of Zinc Enolates

Silas P. Cook, Gopala K. Jarugumilli
Org. Lett. | 2011 | 10.1021/ol200059u

Diiron nonacarbonyl in combination with triphenylphosphine has been identified as a low-cost and environmentally benign catalyst system for the allylation of zinc enolates generated in situ from copper-catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition reactions. The...

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