A New Approach to the Oxidation of Methylquinolines with Selenium Dioxide

  • 10.1080/00397919608002606
  • Synthetic Communications
  • p 1681-1684, Volume 26, Issue 9,
  • journal-article
A study of some parameters which influence the oxidation of 2- and 4-methylquinolines with selenium dioxide (or selenious acid) in dioxane has allowed to correct some erroneous opinions of this method and to elaborate a general, simple, fast, and cheap procedure of oxidation of methylquinolines having a methyl group in the position 2 or 4.


4-methylquinoline oxidation really works


This article/communication described the preapration of 2 and 4-quinolinecarboxaldehyde using 2 and 4-methylquinoline in the presence of selenous acid in refluxing dioxane. While the procedure explicitly stated the use of selenous acid, selenium dioxide can also be...