Synthesis, Absorption, and Fluorescence Studies of Coumaryl-Labelled Amino Acids and Dipeptides Linked Via Triazole Ring

Fluorophores based on 4-triazolyl, 7-hydroxy-4-triazolylmethyl, 4-O-triazolylmethyl, and 7-O-triazolylmethyl coumaryl-tagged amino acids and dipeptides were synthesized by copper-catalyzed [3 + 2] cycloaddition reaction between azido- or alkynyl-functionalized coumarins with alkynyl- or azido-functionalized amino acid and dipeptides in good-to-excellent yields. Steady-state absorption and the fluorescence properties of the synthesized conjugates were studied. The chemical applicability of these amino acid and peptide-based fluorophores was successfully demonstrated by their linear elongation by further tagging them with appropriate C- or N-terminus amino acid.