A mild and efficient amide formation reaction mediated by P(OEt)3and iodine

  • 10.1039/c5ra18459b
  • RSC Adv.
  • p 94328-94331, Volume 5, Issue 114,
  • journal-article
With the activation of P(OEt) 3 and I 2 , carboxylic acids can smoothly react with various primary and secondary amines, affording a series of amides, including peptides without racemization. 31 P NMR spectroscopy studies showed that carboxylic phosphoric mixed anhydride was the reactive intermediate and a possible mechanism was herein proposed.


Reproducible reactions. Can be extended to other analouges


This paper describes a novel method for efficient synthesis of amides through reaction of carboxylic acids with amines by activation with P(OEt)3 and Iodine. The novelty lies in easy amidation of several primary and secondary amines to synthesize amides including...