Sulfonated Schiff base dinuclear and polymeric copper( ii ) complexes: crystal structures, magnetic properties and catalytic application in Henry reaction

  • 10.1039/c5nj00330j
  • New J. Chem.
  • p 3424-3434, Volume 39, Issue 5,
  • journal-article
The syntheses and X-ray diffraction structures of water soluble copper( II ) compounds containing the Schiff base ligand 2-(2-pyridylmethyleneamino)benzenesulfonate (L ),viz. the dinuclear bis-μ 1,1 -azido [CuL(μ 1,1 -N 3 )] 2 ( 1 ) and bis-μ 1,3 -thiocyanato [CuL(μ 1,3 -NCS)] 2 ·2H 2 O ( 2 ) complexes and the μ 1,5 -dicyanamide coordination polymer [CuL(μ 1,5 -NCNCN)] n · n H 2 O ( 3 ), are reported. The one dimensional chain in3 propagated through μ 1,5 -dicyanamide bridges is stabilized by a new type of sixteen membered metallacycle supported by copper and H-bonds. Variable-temperature (2–300 K) magnetic studies indicate that there is a weak ferromagnetic exchange coupling in1 , while2 and3 have weak antiferromagnetic exchange interactions. They catalyze the diastereoselective nitroaldol (Henry) reaction of different aldehydes with nitroethane in aqueous medium. Water was the solvent used for both the syntheses and catalytic studies.


More aldehydes need to be tested for reproducibility


This paper describes the synthesis of dinuclear and polymeric copper complexes of a sulfonated Schiff base ligand, 2-(2-pyridylmethyleneamino)benzenesulfonic acid. Also described, are the crystal structures, magnetic properties and catalytic application of these...