Preparation and characterization of uniform, spherical particles of Y2O2S and Y2O2S:Eu

  • 10.1039/a701540b
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry
  • p 2113-2116, Volume 7, Issue 10,
  • journal-article
The preparation of spherical Y 2 O 2 S and Y 2 O 2 S:Eu particles using a solid–gas reaction of monodispersed precursors with elemental sulfur vapor under an argon atmosphere has been investigated. The precursors, undoped and doped yttrium basic carbonates, are synthesized by aging a stock solution containing the respective cation chloride and urea at 82–84 °C. Y 2 O 2 S and Y 2 O 2 S:Eu were characterized in terms of their composition, crystallinity and morphology by chemical analysis, X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), IR spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The Eu-doped oxysulfide was also characterized by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and luminescence spectroscopy. The spherical morphology of oxysulfide products and of basic carbonate precursors suggests a topotatic inter-relationship between both compounds.


Neat but a bit complicated synthesis

Yttrium oxysulfide – Y2O2S is knows an excellent host material for the Eu(III) activated red emission phosphor, which has been used for decades in the CRT displays and conventional TV due to its excellent brightness, color purity, life time and compatibility with the efficient...