Mo(CO) 3 (CN- t- Bu) 3 (MoBI 3 ), a New Efficient Catalyst for Regioselective Hydrostannations

  • 10.1021/ol990794q
  • Organic Letters
  • p 1017-1019, Volume 1, Issue 7,
  • journal-article
Mo(CO) 3 (NC-t-Bu) 3 was found to be a suitable catalyst for the regioselective hydrostannation of several types of alkynes, giving preferentially rise to the α-stannylated products. These products are not available under radical reaction conditions or by using other metal catalysts. This protocol can also be applied to sensitive substrates, which cannot be hydrometalated with the commonly used palladium catalysts.


Hydrostannation of Terminal Acetylenes

The hydrostannation of alkynes is frequently used for the synthesis of vinyl stannanes, which can be subjected to further modifications via a Stille coupling. The major drawbacks of this process result from the difficulties which arise in the control of the regioselectivity of...