Spin of Semiconductor Quantum Dots under Hydrostatic Pressure

  • 10.1021/nl9037399
  • Nano Lett.
  • p 3-5, 10 (1), Issue 1,
  • Letter
Spin coherence dynamics of semiconductor quantum dots under hydrostatic pressure has been investigated by combining the ultrafast optical orientation method with the diamond-anvil cell technique. Spin confined within quantum dots is observed to be robust up to several gigapascals, while electron and exciton Landé g factors show novel bistable characteristics prior to the first-order structural transition. This observation is attributed to the existence of a theoretically predicted metastable intermediate state at the nanoscale, for which there has been no previous experimental support. The results also reveal pressure enhanced fundamental exchange interactions for large-sized quantum dots with sizable anisotropy. These findings shed insight into underlying mechanisms of long-debated nanoscale solid-state transformations in semiconductors and are also crucial for the development of future quantum information processing and manipulation based on spin qubits of quantum dots.