High Current, Low Voltage Carbon Nanotube Enabled Vertical Organic Field Effect Transistors

  • 10.1021/nl101589x
  • Nano Letters
  • p 3467-3472, Volume 10, Issue 9,
  • journal-article
State-of-the-art performance is demonstrated from a carbon nanotube enabled vertical field effect transistor using an organic channel material. The device exhibits an on/off current ratio >10 5 for a gate voltage range of 4 V with a current density output exceeding 50 mA/cm 2 . The architecture enables submicrometer channel lengths while avoiding high-resolution patterning. The ability to drive high currents and inexpensive fabrication may provide the solution for the so-called OLED backplane problem.


CN enabled VOFET potential to drive pixels in AMLED

In this manuscipt, a high current low voltage carbon nanotube (CN) enabled vertical organic field-effect transistor (VOFET) is reported that have the future potential to drive the pixels in active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMLED).