A Cyclic Triphenylamine Dimer for Organic Field-Effect Transistors with High Performance

  • 10.1021/ja064726s
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • p 15940-15941, Volume 128, Issue 50,
  • journal-article
A cyclic ethylene linked triphenylamine dimer formed highly crystalline thin film via vapor deposition. Meanwhile, the corresponding linear molecule only resulted in amorphous films under the same condition. The performance as FET semiconductor also improved significantly when the molecular structure derived from linear to cyclic type. The cyclic molecule displayed mobilities in excess of 10 -2 cm 2 V -1 s -1 and high on/off ratios up to 10 7 .


Review of the novel materials for future organic electronics

The manuscript entitled ''A cyclic triphenylamine dimer for organic field-effect transistors with high performance'' is a nice piece of work. A new OFET based on triphenylamine units with a macrocyclic architect has been described with its potential use as high performance OFET...