Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalase Activity of a Water-Soluble diMnIIIComplex of a Sulphonato-Substituted Schiff Base Ligand: An Efficient Catalyst for H2O2Disproportionation

  • 10.1021/ic2011452
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • p 8973-8983, Volume 50, Issue 18,
  • journal-article
3-Me-5-SO 3 -salpentOH affords a water-soluble complex with a bis(μ-alkoxo)(μ 1,3 -carboxylato) diMn III core that is highly efficient to disproportionate H 2 O 2 in an aqueous solution of pH ≥ 8.5. The base contributes to retain the integrity of the bis(μ-alkoxo) doubly bridged diMn core and favors the formation of the catalyst−peroxide adduct. In a basic aqueous medium, the reaction exhibits saturation kinetics on the substrate and k cat /K M = 16(1) × 10 2 s −1 M −1 , a value that renders this compound the most efficient diMn catalyst known to date.


Good experimental, though extended rxn time beneficial

This paper describes synthesis, characterization, and catalase activity of a water-soluble diMn(III) complex of a sulphonato-substituted Schiff-base ligand. DiMn(III) complex is highly efficient to disproportionate hydrogen peroxide in basic aqueous solutions or in DMF.


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