Synthesis and Optical Properties of Red and Deep-Red Emissive Polymeric and Copolymeric BODIPY Dyes

  • 10.1021/cm900276r
  • Chemistry of Materials
  • p 2-1, 21 (10),
  • journal-article
A new kind of deep-red emissive polymeric BODIPY dyes (polymers A and B), poly(2,6-BODIPY-ethynylene)s, were prepared by palladium-catalyzed Sonogashira polymerization. Incorporation of different monomer units such as 9,9-bis(6′-(hexylthio)hexyl)-fluorene, 2,5-didecyloxybenzene, and 3-decylthiophene into poly(2,6-BODIPY-ethynylene) backbone resulted in co-polymeric BODIPY dyes with different red emission wavelengths (polymers C, D, and E), respectively.