A New Water-Soluble Ammonium Citratoperoxotitanate as an Environmentally Beneficial Precursor for TiO2 Thin Films and RuO2/BaTi4O9 Photocatalysts

  • 10.1021/cm011542y
  • Chem. Mater.
  • p 2-8, 14 (7),
We demonstrate applicability of (NH 4 ) 8 [Ti 4 (C 6 H 4 O 7 ) 4 (O 2 ) 4 ]·8H 2 Owater-soluble titanium complexfor preparation of oxide materials containing titanium in the form of thin films by dip coating and fine powders by the sol−gel method. Anatase thin films and RuO 2 /BaTi 4 O 9 powders were selected as examples of photocatalytic materials, which synthesis is not trivial and functional properties depend essentially on the sample purity and morphology. The utilized technique yielded excellent samples quality; the obtained films and powders demonstrate good photocatalytic activity.