Materials Science (0-19 employees)
Somerville, MA
About the Company

Voxel8 is pioneering the field of multi-material additive manufacturing. In the past, additive manufacturing has been limited by the types of materials that can be used to create objects, and most platforms have focused on the printing of single material parts. Voxel8’s technologies enable the fabrication of composite engineering-grade functional parts.

Voxel8 was spun-out of Jennifer Lewis’ labs at Harvard University in 2014, raised a $12mm series A in 2015, and launched the world’s first 3D electronics printed in 2016. The company is now aggressively expanding its technology portfolio to enable the co-printing of a broad array of materials for production-quality parts.

We are looking for passionate, truth-seeking individuals who are audacious in their vision of what can be accomplished by technology start-ups. We are driven by the desire to have impact, and value the ability to “get it done” and a sense of urgency.

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