Unity Biotechnology

Biotechnology (20-99 employees)
Brisbane, CA
About the Company

Imagine a future in which it doesn’t hurt to grow old. Driven by a vision to prevent, halt or reverse diseases of aging, UNITY Biotechnology is creating medicines that seek to lengthen healthspan, or the amount of time we live in good health.

UNITY’s therapies are initially focused on cellular senescence, the biological “emergency brake” that cells use to stop dividing as we age. Senescent cells accumulate in our body as we get older, contributing to inflammation and disease. UNITY’s approach to selectively eliminate these cells holds promise for many diseases associated with aging, including osteoarthritis, eye diseases and kidney disease.

Backed by a group of visionary investors and led by a world-class management that has collectively developed 13 FDA-approved medicines, UNITY intends to advance its investigational senolytic therapy into clinical trials in 2018.

As the company expands, UNITY is seeking talented, motivated individuals to join the team in South San Francisco.

Job Positions

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