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Principal Scientist, Oligonucleotide Chemistry

About the Job


SciBase is recruiting a Principle Scientist of Oligonucleotide Chemistry for our partners located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • As a dynamic project leader, drive and direct oligonucleotide chemistry functions for siRNA, antisense, or other nucleic acid discovery projects, working in concert with partners in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, computational chemistry, ADME, structural biology, chemical development, and other key functions
  • Provide scientific direction and leadership for oligonucleotide and synthetic chemistry activities of internal & external FTEs
  • Analyze screening data, perform literature reviews, design, propose, and execute nucleic acid chemistry plans, coordinate chemistry and biology data to support oligonucleotide compound progression and patent strategies
  • Supervise and direct synthetic chemistry activities at contract research organizations (CROs) and/or contract manufacture organizations (CMOs)
  • Participate in portfolio and stage-gate reviews, lead the preparation and presentation of dossiers for clinical candidate nomination and compound advancement
  • Serve as a scientific expert in nucleic acid drug discovery with both internal and external partners and provide recommendations regarding new targets and emerging external opportunities
  • Ensure optimal interaction/communication and provide updates on project status to leadership
  • Maintain a significant level of knowledge and management of laboratory research
  • Maintain significant personal laboratory presence

Skills Required

  • PhD in synthetic organic or medicinal chemistry or nucleic acid chemistry is required
  • Postdoctoral experience with an emphasis on oligonucleotide or nucleoside chemistry is preferred
  • A minimum of 5 or more years’ in the biopharmaceutical or biotechnology industry with experience in research and development of siRNA based therapeutics, with a proven track record, is required
  • Experience as a project leader in the biopharmaceutical or biotechnology industry is strongly preferred
  • Expert knowledge of modern methods of synthetic chemistry with an emphasis on oligonucleotide synthesis and characterization is required
  • Strong understanding of nucleic acid modalities, modification chemistries, sequence selection, and mechanism of action is required
  • Experience working with computational scientists as part of project team is preferred
  • Strong track record of scientific contributions including peer reviewed first-author publications, patent applications, and/or presentations at major national meetings is required
  • Record of maintaining a strong lab presence directly is required
  • This position may require up to 10% travel
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  • 40 Hours per Week
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How to Apply - Please Read: Our Process is Different

We've partnered with SciBase in recruiting for this position. If you're not familiar, SciBase is a platform for crowdsourced reviews of scientific publications. Scientists post feedback about their attempts at reproducing existing experiments in the literature and other scientists can read and rate those reviews.

During the application process, you will be asked to sign up (for free) with SciBase and to write reviews of at a few papers that you have tried to replicate, along with any further comments, suggestions, and questions. While our site allows you to submit these reviews under your name or anonymously, you must post (or have posted) at least the following for your application to be considered for the job:

  1. One "Author Commentary" (i.e. additional comments on your own paper)
  2. One review of a paper you tried to reproduce.
  3. Three ratings of reviews that other users have submitted to the site.

If you have not published a paper, then submit two reviews of other people's papers.

These reviews and ratings will be reviewed by the SciBase team and then by us to help us decide on the appropriate person. In the future, you will also be able to use your SciBase account to quickly apply to other positions of ours and other employers.

Getting Started

If you're already a signed up SciBase user with a completed profile, you can apply with one click by clicking the "Apply" link below.

If you're not yet a SciBase user, here's how the process works:

  1. Click 'Apply' below and you will be brought to a login page. Click to sign up.
  2. Following the registration and onboarding process. It should walk you through step by step.
  3. If you have any questions or trouble along the way, you can send a message through the online chat or help form on the website, or e-mail SciBase at
Job Dates
  • ASAP
  • 09 Apr 2021
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