Repertoire Immune Medicines

Biotechnology (100-999 employees)
Cambridge, MA
About the Company

Repertoire Immune Medicines is founded on the belief that the repertoire of T cell receptor (TCR)-antigen codes that drive health and disease represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in medical science.

The key to our strategy lies in understanding the inner workings of the immune synapse – the interaction between the T cell and the antigen presenting cell which dictates the immune code that tells a T cell to become toxic and to kill the infected tissue.

Our scientists created and developed the DECODETM and DEPLOY suite of technologies, which allows in-depth characterization of TCR-antigen pairings – and the ability to rationally design and clinically develop targeted immune medicines.

Our scientists also have developed novel technologies that attach potent immunomodulators to T cells, enabling us to deliver potent cytokines such as IL-15 or IL-12 directly to tumors by using the natural homing power of the T cells to traffic to diseased tissue.



We share a passion for what we do and for what we can accomplish together as a team. With a transparent vision and strategic roadmap to its achievement, we offer freedom to operate toward our common purpose: to translate our science into medicines for people in need.

Our culture is defined by a sense of urgency for our mission, accountability for our personal contributions, and a strong ethos of team. First and foremost, we are inspired by a compassion for and commitment to those whose health and lives depend on what we do.

Repertoire is committed to social responsibility and developing an inclusive culture. Much as the power of immune system lies in the diversity of T and B cells, our work requires the creativity and ingenuity of a diverse workforce. We will continue to educate ourselves about the inequities and barriers present in our society and take action as a company where we can make a difference.

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