Cocoon London

Cosmetics, Toiletries (0-19 employees)
About the Company

Cocoon London is a specialty cosmetics start-up that aims to not only create high performance customer-focused skincare products but also address the environmental consequences produced as a result of our insatiable appetite for skincare products .

The problem is that each year worldwide the cosmetics industry produces over 100 billion units of packaging and everyday consumer product packaging accounts for approximately one third of all landfill waste in the uk; that’s over 40,000 tonnes of packaging going to landfill every day.

Our solution is an eco-friendly bottle for your moisturising creams, that is flexible, reusable and above all good for the environment. [Patent Pending]

Our mission is to have the cosmetics industry as a whole to adopt this new and exciting system in the hope of reducing the cosmetics carbon footprint.

To us sustainability happens when we all take small positive actions collectively and combined can add up to real world changing solutions. It is our responsibility to making better decisions on the issues that affect all of our lives. The impacts of our decisions today as a society have very real consequences for people's lives tomorrow.

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